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During the late 1950’s, the Colorado Wrestling Officials’ Association (C.W.O.A.) was born from a meeting of a small group of men whose passion was high school wrestling. This group was a gathering of individuals from very diverse backgrounds. The non-profit organization struggled to increase its membership until a petition was presented to the Colorado High School Activities Association (C.H.S.A.A.) asking for the C.W.O.A. to be sanctioned as the only certifying agency serving high school wrestling referees in the state of Colorado. The request was granted and the rest is history.

Some fifty plus years later, the C.W.O.A. has become a dedicated, vibrant and active group of approximately 250 members. The group is led by a five (5) member executive committee, an executive secretary / director, and sixteen (16) area directors. These fellows serve as a liaison with specific geographic areas of Colorado. Regional rule clinics and work sessions are hosted annually throughout Colorado by these leaders. Educational opportunities are organized for both the wrestling officials and the sport’s many coaches as each wrestling season comes and goes. A video tape presentation featuring David Frisch and the topic of stalling has received nation wide acclaim and is being used as an instructional tool by many states.

Members of the CWOA are involved with every level of amateur wrestling competition from the youth programs to collegiate Division I both in and outside of Colorado. They are an active part of what has become a premier showcase event - -the Colorado State Championships. Individual officials have regularly been invited to present clinics and workshops throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Many private tournaments around the western part of the U.S. also employ some of the more highly experienced C.W.O.A. members on their officials’ crews. Examples of such events would be the Rocky Mountain Nationals and other Triple Crown tournaments.

The C.W.O.A. always welcomes new members. Other areas of this web-site give the necessary details of how interested parties may become active members with our organization. We invite you to join our effort for the special sport of high school wrestling!

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