Online Post Season Official's Application


NOTE: If you are NOT available for postseason, please don't fill out application

  1. Scored 75% or higher on the open book NFHS wrestling rules test.
  2. Scored 70% or higher on the open book Mechanics test. (If Applicable)
  3. Complete postseason video review training. (If Applicable)
  4. Officiated at least two (2) sub-varsity matches in the season.
  5. Officiated at least six (6) events in the season.
  6. Attended a regional rules clinic and at least two (2) work sessions. One work session before Jan. 1st and another after.
  7. Current CWOA dues are paid.
  8. Possesses and wears the prescribed official’s uniform for all sanctioned wrestling events.
  9. Honored all contracts issued by the assignors and CHSAA member schools.
  10. By submitting a postseason application, you are confirming you WILL fulfill all listed requirements. If/when you determine you will be unable to fulfill all listed requirements you are to immediately notify the CWOA Executive Secretary.
**You are ineligible for postseason assignment if you do not fulfill all listed requirements.**